The Highwaymen, Pet Sematary, The Public and Hellboy

Lots of mediocre movies this week, and we’re here to give you the scoop! We talk really slow about the old man police story of The Highwaymen, lament Pet Sematary not spending enough time on their characters, respect the intent of The Public but wish for better execution. As for Hellboy … the less spoken about it, the better.

Endgame Tickets, Opening Night Movies, The Beach Bum and Shazam!

We somehow survived the Avengers Endgame ticket sale, and we’re here to report back on how it all went down. Afterwards we talk about the movies that we just had to see opening day, and if Endgame has what it takes to dethrone Avatar and Titanic. Movie-wise this week we talk about the very odd and divisive Beach Bum and the wonderfully fun Shazam!

Triple Threat and US

This week Kristen gushes about all the over the top martial arts action in Triple Threat, and then we welcome our very good friend Mr. Khon onto the show to help us break down the many layers to the latest Jordan Peele horror movie US.

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