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Nominations for the 2019 Golden Globes were just announced and with them, awards season has begun! Our expert team of movie watchers gather to discuss all the things we liked, hated, what got snubbed, and how the Academy Awards may try to course correct in a few weeks.

No matter what you celebrate, we have 9 different movies for you to enjoy this holiday season! Listen in as our resident group of cheery film elves discuss outdoor illumination, going out to the coast for a few laughs, and the magic of the Shane Black hat trick.

Our group of aurors, muggles and dark wizards convene so that we can talk about everything from the new Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Listen in as we discuss what works and what didn't in this latest entry in the Warner Brothers Wizarding World series. It's in the title but please note that this entire podcast features SPOILERS about the film so please be aware of it before you listen in.

We somehow survived the insanity that was the Thanksgiving weekend, and we even saw some movies to boot! Our group discusses the beautifully made and acted Boy Erased, the solid but lacking The Front Runner, the baffling Robin Hood, and then finally rave about the sure-fire Oscar contender Green Book.

It's a mad dash for movie studios to get their movies out and we're trying our best to stay up to date. This week we get into the holiday spirit with The Grinch, impressed with the stellar craftsmanship of Widows, and are perplexed by the very uneven Crimes of Grindelwald.

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Meet our hosts

Joey V

Podcast Host, Aspiring Light Jedi, Bracelet Hoarder

Joey is an IT professional whose love of good stories and movies has led to him spending most of his free time inside of a movie theater. When not sitting in a darkened room consuming treats from the concessions stand, Joey enjoys watching people play video games on Twitch, leveling up characters in World of Warcraft, and buying far too many brightly colored bracelets.


Ultimate Planner, Master of Casual Games, Wizard

Katie is our lovable host who revels in disregarding AMC personnel instruction and is a dedicated Instagram bully. Katie enjoys coming of age dramas, heists and feminist rhetoric. Dislikes include, emotionally manipulative dialogue, subtitles and most movies longer than 100 minutes.


Captain of the Jason Isaacs All-Stars, Hater of Tom Hanks, Best Note Taker

Kristen is a lawful good human who enjoys weird indie flicks, spaghetti westerns, and action movies starring guys with solid chins. She dislikes mushrooms, 93% of comedies, and anything involving Tom Hanks. She is also, apparently, the MCU expert of the bunch.

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