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Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pit are both in their 50s and are only looking better with age, but what did we think about their latest films? Hustlers has a ton of potential, but misses the mark in a few key areas, while Ad Astra is a stunning film that has our group still buzzing with excitement. Afterwards we talk about some of the movies that we are most looking forward to for the rest of the year, and if they can help salvage a very mediocre 2019 for cinema.

We are settling into our bi-monthly episode schedule, and we have a ton of movies to talk about. Unfortunately, so many of them are just aggressively average so there’s not much in-depth discussion we can have.

Kristen is done with the Has Fallen trilogy, Good Boys is funny but no Superbad, Rocketman is great but follow a very familiar formula, Ready or Not needed to choose what kind of horror it wanted to be, and IT: Chapter Two was a bit too much all around.

With our new baby son a bit more mobile, we were able to get out in the world and see some movies! Kristen threatens to unfriend Katie and Joe as they take the deeper Fast & Furious universe implications of Hobbs and Shaw just a bit too seriously, and the group gushes about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, especially Brad Pitt's performance. All this, and a crying baby on this week's episode!

In March of 1999, two siblings released a passion project that would have far reaching cinematic implications. Combining a love of science-fiction, martial arts, philosophy and even a bit of anime, the Wachowski’s released a film that took everyone by surprise. Made on a budget of $60 million The Matrix made over $460 million at the box office, while also ushering in a new era of cinematography, visual effects and productions design that moved the entire film industry forward. the Matrix would spawn sequels, video games, comic books, and a rabid fan base that just wanted more. It made us fear technology, question our reality, and confirm that Keanu Reeves was an action superstar. As The Matrix celebrates its 20th anniversary, lets take the re pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

We’re back to talk about what we have been up to for the last month as Katie gave birth to a baby! Turns out that you don’t see a lot of movies in the theater when you spend a lot of time at the hospital. But we all liked Detective Pikachu, and Kristen saw John Wick 3 and liked it a lot.

Next episode, we are doing something we are calling Deep Dive for now, and we’re going to have a thorough conversation about The Matrix Trilogy. What it changed in the industry, good and bad, and what is the lasting legacy of it. If you would like to follow along at home, watch The Matrix, Reloaded and Revolutions before next week!

This week it was all about comedies and defying expectations, as we got a sneak peek at the wonderful coming of age, women positive, high school film Booksmart. Afterwards we are impressed by the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron in the absurd, but fun, political laugh-fest Long Shot.

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Joey V

Podcast Host, Aspiring Light Jedi, Bracelet Hoarder

Joey is an IT professional whose love of good stories and movies has led to him spending most of his free time inside of a movie theater. When not sitting in a darkened room consuming treats from the concessions stand, Joey enjoys watching people play video games on Twitch, leveling up characters in World of Warcraft, and buying far too many brightly colored bracelets.


Ultimate Planner, Master of Casual Games, Wizard

Katie is our lovable host who revels in disregarding AMC personnel instruction and is a dedicated Instagram bully. Katie enjoys coming of age dramas, heists and feminist rhetoric. Dislikes include, emotionally manipulative dialogue, subtitles and most movies longer than 100 minutes.


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Kristen is a lawful good human who enjoys weird indie flicks, spaghetti westerns, and action movies starring guys with solid chins. She dislikes mushrooms, 93% of comedies, and anything involving Tom Hanks. She is also, apparently, the MCU expert of the bunch.

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