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After our vacation hiatus, our team of movie lovers is back and ready to review some films! Kristen talks through all of the films she watched on her own the past two weeks including Free Solo, The Upside, Velvet Buzzsaw and more. Afterwards we talk about our Valentine’s Day group date to see Isn’t It Romantic, and then the monumental disappointment that is Alita: Battle Angel.

So I guess you could say we watched movies this week? Kristen lets us know about the baffling Mortal Engines, we go full SPOILERCAST on the new Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway film Serenity, and then we breakdown the surprises and the snubs from the Oscar Nominations.

Awards season is upon us, and we have opinions on what we think will get nominated at the 92nd annual Academy Awards. This was a tough exercise in that our hearts want very different things than what the Academy usually nominates. All three of us made predictions for various categories and we walk you through what we agreed on as a group, and where we differed and what our thought process was. Listen to this before the nominations are announced to get ready, or listen after the nominations are announced to see how many we got wrong.

A snow storm tried to derail our podcast recording this week, but nothing gets in the way of telling our fine listeners about movies! This week Kristen gives us the low-down on the Nicole Kidman revenge story Destroyer, we ride the roller coaster of quality that is Glass, and then we all watched the 2018 "remake" of Suspiria which just has a lovely cult in it. All that, more inductions into the Pyramid and so much more!

We've hit the desolate, barren tundra that is January movies, but we pressed on anyways! This week we see Keanu Reeves spit ludicrous techno-babble at us with Replicas, discuss the cultural phenomenon that is Bird Box, and discuss Bradley Cooper's awful suit and Rami Malek trying to get Nicole Kidman's attention at the Golden Globes.

It's the first week of 2019 so we decide to catch up on films from 2018! We talk about the heavy but beautifully done If Beale Street Could Talk, the next film from acclaimed director Barry Jenkins who last did Moonlight. To lighten the mood up, we get together in a small theater and see the horror / thriller film Escape Room which is fantastic and exactly what you think it is.

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Meet our hosts

Joey V

Podcast Host, Aspiring Light Jedi, Bracelet Hoarder

Joey is an IT professional whose love of good stories and movies has led to him spending most of his free time inside of a movie theater. When not sitting in a darkened room consuming treats from the concessions stand, Joey enjoys watching people play video games on Twitch, leveling up characters in World of Warcraft, and buying far too many brightly colored bracelets.


Ultimate Planner, Master of Casual Games, Wizard

Katie is our lovable host who revels in disregarding AMC personnel instruction and is a dedicated Instagram bully. Katie enjoys coming of age dramas, heists and feminist rhetoric. Dislikes include, emotionally manipulative dialogue, subtitles and most movies longer than 100 minutes.


Captain of the Jason Isaacs All-Stars, Hater of Tom Hanks, Best Note Taker

Kristen is a lawful good human who enjoys weird indie flicks, spaghetti westerns, and action movies starring guys with solid chins. She dislikes mushrooms, 93% of comedies, and anything involving Tom Hanks. She is also, apparently, the MCU expert of the bunch.

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